What is WakeUpNow?



     I have heard of folks asking, what is WakeUpNow all all about, is it a scam?  How can you make money off of nothing?  What is it they are offering?  I am here to disseminate any issues you may have.  The first important thing to know is this, it is not a scam at all.  I am a newly frocked member of WUN, I have not made any money yet, but that is soon to happen.  A lot of folks whom have looked at the video (which I will post here in a minute) have thought, gee, this looks like a pyramid scheme, where the only folks that make money are the ones at the top.  Look at your typical corporation and how it is setup:


       Hmmm, this sure like a pyramid scheme to me, how about you?  Believe me , I am not up against corporate America, never have, never will, but the premise where someone can make money from home quickly will always be called a scam, plain and simple.  Now in order to make money, you need to spend some.  With WUN, you can make a free account, yes a free account!!  But, in order to really start making money, you need to spend money.  There are three different suites of products you can buy and I will go over all the details of the product  here in a minute.

     The Silver Package- $24.95US

        Contains the following Software and items:

  • The WUN Marketplace (your Home Portal)
  • WUN Protect (Cyberhood Watch)
  • Premium Local Deals and Grocery Coupons

   The Gold Package- $64.95US

Contains the Silver Package Plus:

  • Corporate Discounts
  • Taxbot
  • 2 Bookings with the Vacation Club
  • 2 Magazines from the Newsstand

 The Platinum Package- $99.95US

Contains the Silver, Gold and the following:

  • 10 Bookings with the Vacation Club
  • 3 Magazine from the Newsstand
  • Finance Help Software
  • Learn a Language

Package Items

The WUN Marketplace:  This is where you login and control your business.  This is also where you can edit all your personal information, update credit/ debit cards, get the link for your website, find all the extras your package has to offer.

Cyberhood Watch:  This acts a little bit like LifeLock.  It offers security for you and your finances, passwords, ect.  Just today, I had gotten word about the breach at eBay and PayPal.  I got it two hours before the news had it just by having the software installed.  It also offers PC and internet safety as well.

Premium Local Deals and Coupons: Just as it says.  You can get discounts from all the places you shop online just by going through the Premium Deals portal.  You can get anywhere from 20-70% off name brand products just by shopping there.  The coupons are easy to use, just select the ones you want, and print away, that easy.

Taxbot:  This by far is one of my more favorite pieces of software I have come across.  They also have an app for it for your Android or iPhone.  You can literally track all your expenses you make for the entire year and now what you could be writing off.  With the App, you can track your mileage by either allowing it to use your GPS in the phone, or you can manually type in the mileage.  Any receipts you gain, you can take a photo of them and upload them.  I don’t know about you, but I usually am missing quite a few receipts.  If you are self-employed, or unemployed, you can almost basically write everything off on your taxes as you never know if you will be face-to-face with a possible client.  Taxbox watches all of this for you!

Vacation Club: How would you like to save like 50% or more on a vacation to quite a few places.  It does cost an additional $90.00US, but I honestly think the savings you will receive by booking through the club will pay for itself on the very first booking!

Newsstand:  There are a lot of magazines to choose from, from regular magazines to eMags.  Lots of choices.  Took me about twenty minutes to decide on the ones I selected.

Languages:  Rosetta Stone costs what, 200-600, right?  Well, the platinum package you get it for free.  It is not Rosetta, but another suite of software to help you learn.


     As you can see, the $99.95US is by far the better deal, plus, that is your monthly fee with WUN, $99.99.  this is where we get into the nitty gritty, how do you get the system for free?  The very basic is to just get three other people to sign up using your weblink that you share out, either on  FB, or twitter, or, through conversating with someone and passing them a business card, the options are endless, but you need to make the effort to get those folks signed up.  Once you get your three, guess what, your fee is now paid for!

     I can hear you, but how do we make money?  Well, once you get your three, or more, depending on how aggressive you are, you need to help them get their three.  Once your first three have their three, you start off getting $600.00US a month!  It grows exponentially once a leg, that is what call a person with people under them, needs to have a D3, which is their term for a person with three people under them.  the more legs you have with more D3 or even higher, the more money you can stand to make.  The only thing holding you back is this, how aggressive are you?  Well, I was trying to get the compensation page to come up, but it looks like WordPress does not like Adobe documents.  Well click on this link here to see it.

     So, are you still interested in WUN?  I am ecstatic about it!  Here is the link to the seven minute video I was discussing earlier, or you can also just click on the very firast picture that you saw on this blog..

Here are also some more reviews of WUN if you are still worried if it is a scam:




Happy Hunting and I hope to have you join today!





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